<p>Everything about an Indian wedding is signi?cantthe mantras, the sacred ?re in the middle of the altar, the seven rounds around the ?re, and the colors of the brides sari. This day of an arranged marriage for the Sharma family is drenched in heavy rain, but far deeper problems lay within this particular Indian family, who has lived in Canada for the last thirty years.</p> <p>For Gangga Sharma, marrying Subash has been her dreamuntil her wedding day, when her dream turns into a nightmare. For Jamuna Sharma, the wedding is sacred; she vows if she gets married, itll be an Indian wedding. Shes not certain, though, that it will be with an Indian man. For Kaveri Sharma, the sacredness of her marriage meant nothing.</p> <p>For Menaka, her marriage destroyed the life shed always dreamed of living. When she discovers Ajays a?air, she believes shes failed at being a good wife. For Ajay, his daughters wedding opens a can of worms that could potentially destroy his life and his relationship with his daughters.</p> <p>The Sharma family must analyze what marriage means to each and reconcile their expectations with the old culture of India and the di?ering culture in Canada.</p>画面が切り替わりますので、しばらくお待ち下さい。


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